Managing Flood Risk

In recent years the Council has invested and been successful in delivering schemes to help protect Poole against tidal flooding and the consequences of predicted climate change.

Photo credit : Borough of Poole

LEAD: Borough of Poole

Working with:

Environment Agency
Wessex Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (WRFCC)
Dorset LEP
Private Developers

  • protecting Poole from flooding
  • unlocking regeneration sites
  • provision of  new homes
  • 100 year flood protection

Climate Change

Rising temperature means that in the future, hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters will become more commonplace. As Poole is a coastal town, it will be affected by predicted sea level rise. Additionally, an increase in storminess is resulting in a higher frequency of localised flood events from surface water run-off from buildings and roads.

Addressing flood risk

The Town Centre North and Twin Sails regeneration areas provide the most sustainable growth opportunities for meeting future housing needs and employment.  We will continue to work with our partners and developers to ensure all new developments (in these and other areas of Poole) are sufficiently protected from flood risk for the next 100 years.

Since 2000, we have successfully bid for funds / worked with partners to construct a number of flood defence schemes around the town centre including:

  • a new flood wall on Poole Quay, approx. £3.6 million (2001–2004)
  • raising the height of Poole Town Quay, £1.2 million (2015–2017, with the final phase due to be completed in 2019)
  • new flood defence structures for Creekmoor & Sterte, approx. £600,000 (2018)