Poole Local Plan

The Poole Local Plan* is a positive plan for the future of Poole.  It sets out how Poole will deliver new homes, jobs and infrastructure up to 2033 whilst protecting its valued characteristics.

Photo credit : http://www.newbridgepoint.co.uk/development

The Poole Local Plan will help us provide:

  • 14,200 (net) new homes, including more affordable housing and a minimum of 3,425 specialist homes for an aging population
  • a strengthened economy with 9,000 new permanent jobs
  • town centre regeneration with attractive public spaces
  • 14,500sq m of high quality retail space (by 2024)
  • new leisure and commercial opportunities
  • improved transport links to the port and town centre
  • more sustainable travel choices and healthier lifestyles

Regenerating Poole is one of our key corporate priorities. We know there are significant opportunities to transform the town centre through the sustainable regeneration of Town Centre North and around the Twin Sails Bridge. Poole has a wide range of retail, commercial, leisure, transport links and housing which combine to give Poole a distinct and diverse community.  We will strike the right balance of sustainable growth, in the right areas, to meet the needs of present and future generations to secure Poole’s prosperity.


*NB – To support delivery of the regeneration of Poole, the Council adopted a new Local Plan in November 2018. This sets out an up to date and positive planning framework to guide the future development of Poole.