Poole's housing needs

We are working to make the best use of urban land for the provision of new homes to meet the needs of all the local community.  The town centre is a key focus area because of the amount of available redevelopment sites.

LEAD: Borough of Poole

Working with:

Holton Homes
Poole Housing Partnership
Sovereign Housing Association
Private Developers

Housing Zone

The largest site suitable for housing within the Twin Sails regeneration area is the former power station. We applied for Housing Zone status on this site which was awarded by the government in 2015. This means they recognise and agree the former power station is an important strategic housing site for Poole. It has resulted in positive partnership working with the landowners and puts us in a stronger position to bid for and secure funding to bring the site forward for development. This has recently been achieved with the allocation of £5 million from the Dorset LEP.

The former power station together with other redevelopment sites within the Twin Sails regeneration area combine to strengthen the role of the town centre. This will be achieved through the provision of new homes and transforming the waterfront with an extended public quayside. The area also provides a critical link to the Port of Poole which remains one of Dorset’s most important employment sites. As such there is a need to balance the requirements of providing access to the Port with the need for a well-connected and attractive town centre.

Key Benefits

new homes for local people

shared ownership

affordable rents

various sites across Poole

Other areas for housing

Although Poole has a number of suitable redevelopment sites in the Twin Sails regeneration area, it remains a challenge to meet Poole’s housing needs (and required employment space) through outward expansion. Poole is tightly constrained by the sea, environmental designations as well as Green Belt. Consequently there are limited opportunities for major new sites in the urban area so we need to make the most efficient use of the urban land available, taking care in terms of density and design to protect the character of Poole.

Affordable & shared accommodation

Affordable homes provide good quality housing for people in need of a home who are unable to pay a mortgage or rent at higher market rates. New properties can be offered for shared ownership (giving residents the chance to buy a share of their home and pay rent on the remaining share) or solely on affordable rent.

Poole has almost 1,000 families on the housing register (March 2018) so we continue to make affordable homes a priority, working in partnership with local housing associations and other partners.

In 2018/19 we are providing over 170 new homes across Poole for local families, including:

  • Gascony Place, off Anjou Close in Bearwood – 6 houses in partnership with Stonewater, completed in March 2018.
  • Arndale Court, Wimborne Road – 27 flats in partnership with Sovereign Housing Association and Holton Homes, completed in May 2018.
  • Lagland Street, Poole Town Centre – 19 flats in partnership with Stonewater, completed in August 2018.
  • Canford Heath Road – 62 flats in partnership with Poole Housing Partnership. Six of these will be specialist homes designed to provide independent living for disabled people, due to be completed in January / February 2019.
  • Nile Court, Holes Bay Road – 46 flats in partnership with Sovereign Housing Association, due to be completed in March 2019.
  • Chichester Walk, Merley – 14 houses and one flat in partnership with Sovereign Housing Association, due to be completed in September 2019.