Vision for Poole

Photo credit : Poole Tourism

By 2033, Poole will be a place that is highly valued by its residents and visitors, maintaining its exceptional heritage setting of Poole Harbour, its beaches, parks, public open spaces, heathland and green-belt. Poole will have adapted to the challenges of climate change, and new development will have contributed to tackling it. The town centre will have been reinvigorated in the day time and evening to create a well-designed and integrated new community, commercial leisure destination, port and tourist attraction. The town centre will be served by excellent public transport services, a connected cycling and walking network along sustainable transport corridors that shall help reduce the need to travel by car.

Extract of Local Plan, 2018


The town centre plays a hugely important role in Poole regeneration. Revitalising the town centre is one of our top priorities and it’s happening now. It already has major retail and leisure attractions, places of employment and local, regional and national transport links. Around Kingland Road, we have an ambitious programme to significantly transform the area to promote Poole’s prosperity and growth by attracting new housing, business and jobs to this part of the town centre.

Step-change for success

We are using Council assets in a more commercial way to help develop Poole’s prosperity. There is a growing confidence in the Council and in Poole as a place to realise regeneration. In recent years this has helped us successfully attract over £200m of public and private investment and our aim for this is set to grow. We continue to work with developers to help unlock development sites and deliver high quality outcomes for Poole.

Positive about progress

Regeneration takes time and we are committed to its progress.  We do acknowledge that the lasting effect of the recession has slowed down development during the last decade and impacted on the rate of change.  Sometimes this is coupled with the added costs of redeveloping large and complex sites (such as the former power station) and/or implementing flood defences.  However, we continue to work with developers and government to secure funding support to ensure change can progress.

Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods

The majority of Poole’s growth will be focused on its two most sustainable regeneration areas, Town Centre North and Twin Sails.  Developing these areas will allow:

  • make use of the significant brownfield land* available for new homes and commercial uses, such as shops, offices and leisure/culture activities
  • ensure all buildings are protected against tidal flooding, opening up new waterfront quaysides and new leisure routes around Holes Bay
  • reduce people’s reliance on car travel; both locations are close to the bus and rail stations

They will also need to give careful consideration to Poole’s exceptional natural environment, such as the harbour and heathlands, to ensure they are protected and enhanced.  This will allow everyone to live well now and into the future.


*Brownfield land is a planning term used to describe previously developed land that is not currently in use.