Regeneration Areas

Poole’s regeneration areas around the town centre will help improve the vitality of the town through the creation of new homes and commercial opportunities.

Town Centre North

The area to the north of the high street will be rejuvenated as the vibrant heart of the town.  It will be the focus for major new, mixed-use developments with exceptionally designed streets, spaces and buildings.

Redevelopment benefits include:

  • new homes, shops, offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, leisure/culture activities
  • new bus station, hotel & leisure centre
  • better connections with the high street and railway station
  • attractive public spaces
  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

Twin Sails

The land around the Twin Sails Bridge and former power station will provide a mix of exceptionally designed developments to further support the town centre.  The sites are also required to provide the remaining strategic flood defences that will protect the Old Town for the next 100 years.  Access to the Port is being improved because it is a vital economic asset, providing diverse employment in both Poole and Dorset and is a gateway for arriving tourists.

Redevelopment benefits include:

  • new homes with active commercial ground floors for shops, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • new quayside along Back Water Channel and new leisure routes around Holes Bay
  • attractive public spaces
  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

Historic Quay & Old Town

The area includes the lower end of the High Street.  It has the potential to develop into a thriving cultural scene with independent retail and commercial uses, contributing to the overall regeneration of the town centre.  Its character and heritage make it an important asset for tourism and recreation and therefore any redevelopment within it needs to be sensitive.  It is home to Poole Museum, the most visited Museum in the South West.

Redevelopment benefits include:

  • new homes and active commercial ground floors for shops, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • improvements to enhance the quay, historic buildings and landmarks
  • attractive public spaces and events to add vibrancy
  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

Outside town centre

A further 16 sites have been identified outside of the town centre which could be developed to help meet Poole’s housing needs, ranging from flats and family homes, to affordable housing and retirement living.

Redevelopment benefits will include:

  • Much needed new homes in sustainable locations
  • Mixed use development delivering local facilities
  • Enhanced open spaces
  • Redevelopment to provide new school

Port of Poole

The Port of Poole is a vital economic asset. It has a significant number of employees based at the port and indirectly supports many thousands of jobs within Poole, Dorset and the South West.  Its deep water frontages enable cargo handling and cross-channel ferry services. Shipping activities include boat repairs, dredging, aggregates-handling, cargo and boat storage.

Development benefits include:

  • significant investment by the Dorset LEP, council and government for bridge and highways infrastructure improvements
  • becoming a regionally significant feeder port
  • enabling cruise ships to visit, enhancing local tourism
  • growing marine related industry and leisure uses (e.g. berths for leisure craft, marine visitor facilities and events)
Photo credit : Stephen Bath