Sustainable Transport
Town Centre North

In partnership with the major bus companies we have made a significant commitment to support sustainable transport across the conurbation and reduce traffic congestion.

Photo credit : Shazz Hooper Photography

LEAD: Borough of Poole

Working with:

Bus Operators

Key Benefits

bus priority

new shelters

new seating

real-time information

new buses

cleaner fuel

frequent services

reliable journey times

24 hour routes

less air pollution

less traffic congestion

One bus has the capability to take up to 40 cars off the road. In recent years we have invested over £500,000 in the supporting infrastructure required to improve bus services across the town.  This includes:

  • new bus stops
  • new shelters with seating and real time information displays
  • access improvements for passengers with disabilities
  • bus priority measures to reduce bus journey times (bus lane on Poole Road / bus bypass at Poole College)

In response to this, Go South Coast made an investment of £7.2 million in a new fleet of 41 buses, operating on the Morebus M1 and M2 service between Bournemouth and Poole.

The buses have the latest low-emission engines which help reduce air pollution. To make sustainable transport even more attractive, they have also introduced on-board facilities including free WiFi, USB charging points and contactless ticketing.

Together, this has created the largest increase in ridership in the country (outside of London), with bus journeys in Poole increasing from 5.3 million passengers in 2004/5 to in-excess of 10.6 million passengers a decade later.

Our local area’s voluntary Quality Bus Partnership (which originated in 1999) is also recognised today as one of the most successful in the country. It is made up of local authorities and bus operators working together to continue to improve all aspects of bus services.